Child Abuse Pediatrician

MetroHealth is seeking a certified child abuse pediatrician to work alongside the newly developing child protection team in Cuyahoga County. The child protection team has been recently launched via Canopy Child Advocacy Center in partnership with 3 major health systems within the county that includes MetroHealth System. This medical team presently focuses on serving victims of sexual abuse and severe physical abuse due to its pilot scale and currently consists of a child abuse pediatrician, SANE-RN (s), and other administrative support personnel. Canopy Child Advocacy Center was established in 2018 and operates to serve victims of child abuse by working with a multidisciplinary team of professionals inclusive of law enforcement, child protective services, victim advocates, mental health therapists, and prosecution. Located in midtown Cleveland, the advocacy center has 2 forensic interview rooms, an onsite medical suite, 2 observation rooms, and several offices. The medical child protection team works within the child advocacy center at this time, and we are seeking to add additional expertise to this team to support the work currently be done through this partnership and within MetroHealth when there are concerns of child abuse and examination is needed. This is a unique opportunity to collaborate with multiple organizations and be part of the establishment of one of Cuyahoga County’s greatest assets to the community!

Recently, Cuyahoga County Health and Human Services awarded Canopy Child Advocacy Center dollars to develop a child protection team in Cuyahoga County that is comprised of medical professionals from three major health systems and the child advocacy center team. This project expands the operation of the onsite medical suite from 1 day a week to 5 days a week and includes the addition of 5.3 medical personnel and 10 advocacy center personnel to serve up to an additional 1,000 children experiencing severe physical abuse. This expands the advocacy center operation hours, population served, provide medical examination, and streamlines information sharing in ways that have never been done before in Cuyahoga County.

The position of Child Advocacy Provider at MetroHealth will be our medical provider at the Canopy Child Advocacy Center. We expect this role will include referral and consultation requests, collaborate with Cuyahoga County’s Department of Children and Family Services and law enforcement to provide expert testimony. MetroHealth is a level II pediatric trauma center.

Interested candidates should e-mail their cover letter and CV to: Aparna Roy, MD, Chair of Pediatrics, The MetroHealth System, c/o Megan Pecoraro, Provider Recruitment,

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